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Women's Wellness, Fitness and Massage for South London 
Specialising in Holistic Core Restore®,
Pre- and Post-Natal Fitness Training
and Pregnancy, Post Natal and C- Section Massage Therapy
07790 669204


Welcome to Fay Tilson Fitness – Wellness and Fitness Coaching and Massage for women in South London. Offering specialist classes and 1-2-1 programmes for: 

  • Mums to be

  • New Mums

  • Women experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction

  • Women who want to reduce a diastasis (abdominal separation) and / or improve core strength

  • Women recovering from c-section, hysterectomy and other pelvic surgeries

  • Any woman who wants to improve their health and fitness in a holistic way where education is key

  • Women who want to a truly female focused massage therapy. With services covering pregnancy to post natal and C-section scar massages. 

Fay Tilson Fitness has evolved greatly since its launch in 2016. From an initial offering of PT and HIIT classes, I now offer a much deeper level of service to my clients centred around female fitness, wellness and massage. I’ve always been passionate about how being fitter can have a hugely positive impact on all of us, and now I feel that I can offer women something truly special with the holistic services my business has grown to offer.


As a mum of two girls, I know how hard it can be to fit regular exercise into a busy working life, or around the demands of small children. My aim is to help every one of my clients to make fitness an integral part of their daily life, as well as maintaining a realistic, long-term approach to their health and wellbeing.


Quality over quantity is key when it comes to fitness, especially when helping women remain fit and strong in pregnancy, recover well from birth, strengthen their cores, tackle issues such as abdominal separation, c-section recovery and urinary stress incontinence. The holistic service that I can offer to my clients includes massage, exercise / movement and nutrition to get the very best results.


My approach is non-judgemental, supportive and fun. If you don’t like it, you won’t keep doing it and I’m all for sustainable lifestyle changes to keep you on track for achieving your goals and maintaining them.



  • Personal fitness training sessions for individuals or groups of up to four

  • Individualised training programmes tailored to your specific needs and goals

  • Sessions can be outdoors, in your home or at a local gym


  • Personal fitness training sessions for individuals or groups of up to four

  • Individualised training programmes tailored to your specific needs and goals

  • Sessions can be outdoors, in your home or at a local gym

  • Prepare for childbirth and aid a quick recovery

  • Individualised training programme designed around your needs and changing body

  • Safe and appropriate exercises in the comfort of your own home

  • 'Every Woman' Programme: Reconnect to and strengthen your Pelvic Floor & Core 

  • 'Diastasis’ (Tummy Gap) Programme: Restore your core after birth

  • ‘Recovery’ Programme: Return with confidence to exercise, movement and vitality following a hysterectomy, continence / prolapse surgery or a diagnosis of pelvic organ prolapse (POPs)

  • ‘BUMP’ programme: Specially designed to keep mums-to-be strong, mobile and pain free throughout pregnancy.

  • Bespoke service which can help to address a number of different needs

  • Individual or block sessions for pregnancy massage, post-natal massage or remedial/sports massage

How I Can Help You

Everybody has their own reasons for deciding they should do more regular exercise. To feel healthier, lose weight, improve fitness and boost energy levels are just some of the popular ones.

For many of my clients, it is to address post-natal issues such as diastasis (post-baby tummy gap) and pelvic floor/core weaknesses, for which I run programmes as a Holistic Core Restore® Coach.


Whatever your objectives, you will need to devote some time and energy towards achieving them. Furthermore, the exercises you do need to be safe, effective, and appropriate for your physical condition and ultimate goals.

As a fitness trainer specialising in women’s health and fitness, I am always mindful of the demands which have been placed on women’s bodies through events such as childbirth, juggling different responsibilities and the hormonal issues brought on by pregnancy and menopause.

I believe that by using a personal trainer who specialises in women’s fitness and wellness you are much more likely to achieve the results you want because you will be doing the right exercises, with the right technique, at the right intensity all in a secure, non-judgemental and supportive environment...


...I will make sure of this!

Why Chose a PT


The course has been a great way of getting back into some sort of fitness that is gentle enough after birth but also hugely beneficial in building true core strength. I find this is often talked about but rarely fully explained so that one is really building the kind of core strength that can make a difference to every day life and beyond.


Physically I feel stronger in my core. This has helped stabilise both my lower back (which is an area of weakness) and my body in general. I now feel my core engage whilst doing every day movements that I've never felt it do before. As a result I feel stronger and more grounded.


Another benefit is that through taking just a little time for myself amongst the busyness of caring for a new baby, I feel calmer. I have also lost some weight and am beginning to tone up. I feel inspired to carry on getting stronger both in my core and the rest of my body. 


I really like the exercises- they are easy enough to be able to do most of them in the first session yet challenging enough to maintain my interest for all the sessions. I think the breathing aspect is brilliant as it just makes sense and ensures all the exercises are most beneficial and effective.


I love the online portal as having someone to take you through the homework in real time is invaluable especially with baby brain and sleep deprivation.


Most of all I really enjoyed Fay... she is caring, kind, knowledgable, inspiring, professional but most of all passionate about this course. Her enthusiasm for the programme is infectious. In addition I really felt that Fay was interested in me as an individual rather than just on a conveyor belt which was really lovely.


The course also encouraged me to take just that little bit of time and care for myself as postnatally, it can feel just all about the baby which is obviously very important but Mum's health is really important too. I feel this course helps to tackle this both in its focus and literally in building up core strength.

—  GC, Petts Wood



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Fay Tilson Fitness

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