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Throughout my years of working with and training women, I have always been aware of how movement, and our ability recover well especially in the post-natal period, can be limited by tightness, postural issues and lack of mobility in certain areas of the body.


Soft tissue and massage therapy enables me to offer a fully comprehensive service to my clients as I bring my all my skills and expertise together – massage, movement and exercise.


Massage and remedial therapy is a totally bespoke service, which can help to address a number of different needs, including:


  • Relief of pain, tightness and tension in the body

  • Reduction of anxiety and stress

  • Promote better sleep

  • Help in postnatal and c-section recovery

  • Increase  flexibility and  ease of ease of movement 


Following a thorough consultation you can expect:

  • A treatment plan bespoke to your body (I don’t follow a formula as we are all individual)

  • Communication throughout on how the treatment is feeling for you (or, if you prefer not to chat, I will respect that!)

  • Home care advice on how you can help yourself improve areas of tension, weakness or even the stresses in your day to day life that may be inhibiting your movement or comfort


I offer 60 or 90 minute massages including specialist therapies for pregnant women and new mums.

I am a mobile massage therapist. All treatments to take place in client’s home, unless arranged otherwise. If you are an existing client undertaking a PT or an Holistic Core Restore® Programme, I am happy to offer you a 10% discount on my massage services.

Massage & Remedial Therapy Qualifications:


  • Level 3 Sports Massage Certification

  • Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage & Remedial Therapy 

  • Kinesiotaping for Pregnancy and Post-Birth

  • C Section, Hysterectomy and Abdominal Scar Immersion Massage


Pregnancy Massage

Growing a baby is a special time and one when women need a special level of care and attention. Not only is your body going through rapid change, but as pregnancy progresses, it can bring with it aches, pains and discomfort as a result of changes to your posture and the extra weight of the baby.


This is the time to treat yourself to a wonderful massage that is both pampering and problem solving. This massage will not only leave you feeling totally relaxed, but that will also help you to address any pregnancy niggles that you might be experiencing.

Pregnancy Massage



per treatment (90 mins)



3 x 90 min treatments

Post-Natal Massage 

What new mum doesn’t want a massage? Aches, pains and changes to posture are a standard part of the pregnancy and post-natal period... as is stress and a lack of sleep!

This wonderful massage aims firstly to pamper - to give new mums the gift of relaxation - but also to effectively address those new mum aches and pains so you leave feeling invigorated and amazing. This massage will help with:


  • Reconnecting with your breathing

  • Addressing post natal posture imbalances

  • Releasing tension around your neck, shoulders and lower back

  • Having some essential ‘me time’


All of the above can help improve quality of sleep and start the reconnection with your core and pelvic floor by allowing your body to move correctly and freely again.


At the end of the session I will give you some home-care strategies so you can carry on helping your body feel amazing.

Post-Natal Massage



per treatment (90 mins)



3 x 90 min treatments

Remedial / Sports Massage

A bespoke massage for addressing specific areas of tightness as well as any aches, pains and posture niggles. This massage aims to help you: 


  • feel lighter, looser and more mobile

  • alleviate pain and tension

  • reduce anxiety and stress

  • sleep better

  • increase your flexibility and ease of movement


As with all my massages, I will provide you with home care advice on how you can help yourself improve areas of tension, weakness or even the stresses in your day to day life that may be inhibiting your movement or comfort.

Remedial / Sports Massage



60 minutes



90 minutes



3 x 60 minutes

C-Section Massage

C-Section Massage


This brand new service is a bespoke solution for the post c-section Mum, whether you had your baby in recent months, or some years ago. The scar tissue that comes with a c-section needs a special level of care to reduce and prevent adhesions, which for some mums can be the cause of pain, discomfort and tightness. And which can also have a knock on effect on other areas of the body (which may often seem unrelated) as well as on your core and pelvic floor function.


Within the c-section massage we will:


  • Work on and around the scar and in other related areas, which will help to free up both the scar and the whole abdominal area

  • Work on other areas of discomfort, e.g. the hips and lower back

  • Restore optimal breathing and movement patterns

  • Reconnect you to your core and pelvic floor.



90 minutes



1 x 90 minutes

2 x 60 minutes

Massage Therapy Testimonials

“The c-section massage was a brilliant service, it was great to have some TLC on an area that has been neglected for the last 10 months. With 90 minutes I went from no activation in my pelvic floor, to feeling activation when asked. Great service!”


VF, Beckenham

“Fay is friendly, professional, knowledgeable and instantly makes you feel at ease. She is very willing to help and offers brilliant advice and exercises for your problem areas. I heartily recommend her sports massage and will be booking in with her again! Thanks Fay, you're amazing!”


EE, Bromley



“I've just had a fantastic all over sports body massage from Fay. I can highly recommend it. she was able to locate and unlock many of my knotted areas. Her knowledge and skills were excellent. Will definitely use her again. Thank you.”


JW, West Wickham


“Fay offers the perfect blend of an effective massage that deals with problem areas whilst also being very relaxing. I’ve had sports massage before which, whilst effective, was very painful and left me sore for several days. I’ve also had more relaxing massages which, whilst enjoyable, haven’t really dealt with knots and problem areas and have rather tickled the surface.


Fay’s treatments are the best of both worlds in that she very much deals with problem areas yet it is still a very relaxing experience. Best of all I didn’t have that awful aching pain that usually comes after problem areas have been worked on.


Fay is also highly professional, knowledgeable and really puts you at ease. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone.”


GC, Petts Wood



“Getting back into exercising after a long hiatus, I found I was experiencing some muscular discomfort. Using sports massage, Fay identified some problem areas and improved things in only a couple of sessions. Very professional, knowledgeable and I’m still feeling the benefit. Thank you.”


LC, Bromley



I had not been able to stand straight after having my baby. I was in constant discomfort all over especially at my upper back. Fay reassured me and provided relevant information on healthy diet and rest. Fay gave me a full body massage and for the first time, I was able to stand straight. I felt less discomfort and I was able to sleep very well that night.”


ES, Chislehurst



“Being a first time new mum I was very concerned about going out of the house to a clinic or other place for treatment but I was also really suffering from an extremely tight back and other areas of my body due to pregnancy, birth and then carrying a small baby around.


The fact i could have an effective treatment in the comfort of my own home with someone who was aware of the pregnancy and post-natal journey and body and didn't mind my baby crying and allowed me to settle him whilst giving me a well needed treatment was amazing.


It has allowed me to take steps towards full recovery and starting to focus on my body again and I would definitely recommend. Having the fitness massage is particularly good as it has given me actual benefits to my body as well as giving me a relaxing experience.”


MB, Beckenham

Massage Testimonials
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