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I am very proud to be a Holistic Core Restore® coach. These ever evolving skills and education enables me to deliver the revolutionary programmes offered by HCR® in South East London. 

Holistic Core Restore® is the creation of Jenny Burrell (Burrell Education) with the aim to provide women with a place to connect with, and strengthen their entire core and pelvic floor system. There are many programmes available to target every woman at any stage of her life.


So, please scroll down and click on the option that makes the most sense to you. Any questions, please feel free to message me and we’ll discuss your aims, and my options to help support you. 

I am pleased to be able to offer the following ground breaking Holistic Core Restore® programmes:

Reconnect to and strengthen your Pelvic Floor & Core with the 'Every Woman' Programme


Restore your core after birth with the 'Diastasis’ (Tummy Gap) Programme

Return with confidence to exercise, movement and vitality following a hysterectomy, continence / prolapse surgery or a diagnosis of pelvic organ prolapse (POPs) with the ‘Recovery’ Programme


The wonderful ‘BUMP’ Programme is specially designed to keep mums-to-be strong, mobile and pain free throughout pregnancy. It incorporates pelvic floor and core care and strengthening, as well as plenty of release and strength work that will help to support you throughout your pregnancy, and beyond into the early days of motherhood. 

These programmes have provided fantastic results for my clients (see Testimonials).



The Every Woman programme is the gold standard in pelvic floor fitness and is part of the innovative Holistic Core Restore® Programme.

Every Woman Programme

Who is it aimed at?


This programme is aimed at women who want to strengthen their pelvic floor and core muscles. Specifically women who:

  • Experience the odd leak when jumping, running, laughing or sneezing (it might be common, but it should never be considered normal!)

  • Have a small Diastasis Rectus (tummy gap) that they want to manage and help strengthen their abdominal muscles

  • Have been diagnosed with a low level prolapse and been told to do pelvic floor exercises as part of their management strategy

  • Suffer from lower back pain which they have been told is due to a “weak core”

  • Want to improve the appearance of their tummy in an educated, pelvic floor friendly way

  • Want to be better educated on women’s pelvic and core health generally


The Holistic Core Restore® programme and techniques are for pregnancy, post natal and way beyond into later life.


I believe everyone can benefit from improved pelvic floor and core strength.

How does this programme work?


Your pelvic floor needs strengthening just like any other muscle. It isn't enough to do sporadic kegel exercises - recent research shows that your pelvic floor needs movement to get really strong just like any other muscle.


In the Holistic Core Restore® programme we focus on restoring your core strength using breathing techniques and mindful, functional movements (squats, lunges, pull/push, rotation) which encourage your pelvic floor and core unit to work together so you look and feel stronger and more confident.


All moves are recommended by specialist women's health physiotherapists who have approved the programme to strengthen your pelvic floor and your abdominal muscles.

What is the process and what will you get?


First I will ask you to complete a Deep Pre-Screening (which will allow me to be assured that this is the right programme for you). We will then meet for a health assessment, postural assessment and tummy gap check (if appropriate) to assess how the programme can be best adapted to you. You’ll then be given a HCR® Client Education Booklet and some small items of fitness equipment (bands, pilates ball etc) required for the programme.


You will also receive your login details for the HCR Online Platform via email which will allow you to log in and view your additional filmed homework and further educational booklets about nutrition for female fat loss, hormonal balance and healing.


This is a 6 week progressive programme meaning I will meet you once a week for 60 minutes and each week exercises will (if I think appropriate) progress as your strength and co-ordination improves and become more challenging. I will expect you to do your homework (10 – 20 mins four times a week) as results, like with any fitness training, take more than a once a week effort. You need to be committed to see and feel results.


This programme is called holistic for a reason. Not only does it look holistically at how your pelvic floor and core work together, the role nutrition plays in health and healing, but also rest and relaxation. I think this is vital. So many women do not prioritise their own ‘me time’ as they’re busy juggling work and family life. I will also be available for support and advice between sessions via e-mail and phone.


I am currently running Holistic Core Restore® programes on a one-on-one basis or in small groups of friends (four people or fewer). I also plan to offer classes from Spring 2018, so please contact me if you would be interested in these classes.

Testimonials for Holistic Core Restore® Every Woman Programme:

“No constipation, less stress incontinence, and much improved upper body strength. My general outlook and energy levels are better if I maintain 3 or 4 sessions a week. My posture is better, as though I do know what to do, I needed a nudge to embed it more moment to moment. Sex is more enjoyable and although the haemorrhoids are still there they are better too. My core strength is definitely improved and my prolapse reduced. I did miss ten days of the routine through illness and builders being here and my pelvic floor/prolapse regressed quite quickly in that time, teaching me the value of maintaining the program.

"The biggest revelation was the let go and relaxing. I had been anxious and over working it all, which was counterproductive. This is a big life skill for me and one I am trying to be mindful of everyday.


"I enjoyed the 'Me' time, the feeling of being pushed and encouraged to focus on my well being, which is hard being a Mum. Fay took away the guilt of prioritising myself and this has helped my self esteem and happiness.I loved the dedicated session focusing on my needs, and understanding what my body is like aged 44, post pregnancy and 2 breastfed children later.

"Fay's company was great, the sessions were productive but also fun and I loved sharing information and stretching my mind as well as body. The hands on assessment was really useful. When checking gluts, TVA etc I became more aware of how I was moving, and what needed developing.

"The email and online support was good, and having copies of my own tailored program to refer to is very reassuring.”

KW, Beckenham


“After giving birth to my baby, I experienced a weak pelvic floor and frequently had wet leaks. I also had mild diastasis recti which resulted in a bulging tummy. Being a first time mummy also meant that I was constantly exhausted thus not taking care of myself physically or mentally properly.


"Ever since I joined the course, I ate better and led a healthier lifestyle. My back pain is greatly reduced and I rarely have leaks now. I have also lost weight and though have not regained my prenatal weight or size, I am at a much better place both physically and mentally.


"The support given by my coach throughout the course was most valuable to me. Fay is a mother herself so she understood how taxing having a baby is and offered a lot of very practical advice on how and when I can fit in exercise and healthy food.”

VW, Sidcup




6 x 1 hour sessions





(four people or fewer)

6 x 1 hour sessions

Diastasis Programme



This is a bespoke programme that will help you heal your diastasis and improve your core function, resulting in a better looking belly and a pelvic floor that does its job.

What is diastasis?


A very common condition for many women after childbirth, diastasis recti can be described as the stretching, weakening and dysfunction of the front and sides of the abdominal muscles and includes the connective tissues and fascia of these muscles.


What many describe as, ‘mummy-tummy’; the ‘gap’, the ‘dome’, the ‘looking-five-months-pregnant-at-the-end-of-the-day’ - it can be associated with pelvic floor dysfunction and lower back pain.

How does this programme work?

There is much advice around what women should avoid when looking to address their diastasis. However this system is different as it focuses on positive things that can be done to help and it is not just about the exercises.


This is a personalised, progressive programme which starts with a hands-on assessment and clear direction on healing nutrition, with instructions on helpful and non-helpful lifestyle choices. We also incorporate soft tissue / massage therapy as releasing muscles is a big part of addressing this issue and bringing balance and functionality back to the core.


Most importantly it provides a safe, functional and modern movement and exercise programme that will help you heal your diastasis, improve your core function and bring you a better looking belly and a stronger pelvic floor.

What is the process and what will you get?

Our first session will be 1.5 hours and includes a deep pre-screen and assessment where we look at postural alignment, breathing technique, areas of imbalance / muscle tightness and appropriate exercises. The programme is progressive, meaning the exercises will be adjusted as you regain strength.


We will meet on three occasions after the initial assessment over a period of around two months.  In these sessions I will go through the exercises and soft tissue releases, checking form and progress. At least one of the sessions will be a full body massage and soft tissue release session.  I will set homecare of no more than 15mins which you will benefit from greatly if performed at least 4 times a week. As with any training programme, you will see limited progress if you don’t work outside our sessions together.


You will be provided with all the exercise kit you need for the programme – bands, small pilates ball, education booklet etc.


The programme has a strong focus on you, enabling your body to heal its diastasis from the inside out. We will work on strategies for helping you rest and de-stress (stress can cause high cortisol levels which can, in turn, hinder the post natal healing process and cause you to hold fat around your middle).


You will gain greater understanding and clarity about the nature of diastasis recti. This matters as you can then help yourself by making the right decisions with regards to nutrition and lifestyle choices to further aid the healing process.


Once you have completed the programme, there is also the option of continuing onto the Phase 2 programme where we will work on integrating more exercise back into your life again safely and effectively, as well as helping you to work towards your own personal fitness goals.



Results with the Diastasis Programme:

Testimonials for Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis Programme:

How was the course beneficial to you? What positive results have you seen?

"The course affected me in both a mental and physical way and was hugely beneficial. My body had changed dramatically having my second baby and it wasn't a body I was comfortable with. My stomach at 8 months still looked pregnant and I had a 3.5/4cm gap all the way down my stomach. I felt I had no control over it because there was no muscle. Previously I had had a flat stomach, ran half marathons and wore beautiful figure hugging clothes. Not anymore and I really believed there was nothing I could do about it.


"Through holistic core techniques and a brilliant coach I was able to reduce my stomach and the gap significantly and I believe with the exercises I have I can improve more still. The improvement was huge and it's made me feel so much better about myself."

What did you enjoy most about the course? 

"The best thing about the course was having Fay come to my house and tailor specific exercises to my needs. She was so kind, patient and utterly brilliant, she really gave me the confidence to believe I could make significant changes. This was so important because when women experience this type of condition following pregnancy they really are at a low ebb and believe that there is nothing they can do to improve it.


"Fay was incredibly supportive and a superb teacher. I feel really lucky to have had her coached me."


LW, Honor Oak

I cannot recommend Fay highly enough. Having just completed a holistic core restore course, I feel stronger and, most importantly, I feel confident that I know how to carry on building on the work we've done together. I was so worried about exercising after 2 c-sections and Fay has got me moving again in a way that feels safe and nurturing.

"I saw so many benefits, physically and emotionally. I feel stronger in my core and my stomach has become much flatter. Most importantly, I feel confident and supported in continuing to exercise and work on my fitness. I also have much more awareness and understanding of what is going on with my body and how I need to work with it.

"I needed in person support, in my house so that the sessions were completely convenient for me and could be fitted in to my rather hectic and tiring life! Fay was so understanding and struck the right balance between being really supporting and empathetic but also upbeat and motivating. I would recommend Fay to everyone! Thanks Fay x


JF, New Eltham

The course as a whole has given me a lot more confidence to both work to improve my strength and posture, but also to accept my limitations. I found Fay really empathetic and kind with her time. She really listened to what I had to say and tried her best to incorporate my concerns and issues into our sessions together and the homework.


"I found Fay to be a calming and nurturing presence; talking to her helped me mentally as well as physically. The work with her in the sessions has improved my diastatis significantly and I now feel confident about my imminent return to work. I have enjoyed the homework she has set me, which was laid out in an easy to read, well explained format, and was delivered promptly to me after each session.


“I feel more confident now that I understand the different muscle structures in my body and have a strongman understanding of how to improve various parts of it. I also really enjoyed Fay’s company and found her to be a very empathetic listener (which I think is crucial for dealing with postpartum mums!).


"I would really like to continue working with Fay.”


SN, West Wickham


“I could not look at myself in the mirror because of how big my tummy looked. I was also in constant upper back pain. However, since I started the programme with Fay, I have gained my confidence back, my tummy has reduced in size and the pain has subsided drastically. I loved every aspect of the programme”.


ES, Chislehurst 

“I am stronger and have better posture. This, together with closing the gap of my diastasis recti, was my main objective. My tummy is also flatter, which is an added bonus. I had done quite a bit of exercise before starting the programme, but it wasn't 'working' and I needed to learn the basics. The sessions were really enjoyable themselves. I also enjoyed doing something positive for myself.”


LJ, Hither Green

“I knew from the moment I read Fay’s website that I was going to find someone really knowledgeable about fitness in general and women’s health in particular and I wasn’t disappointed! Fay is as nice in person and attentive to my personal fitness needs as she is professional.


"The different exercises she designed take into account what my body is ready to do, she’s supplied material, really makes sure I have the right posture and with my take away sheets I can carry on exercising safely and easily after our sessions. We also always have a good laugh and she’s been super patient and understanding around my 2 small children. I’d give her 10 stars if I could!”


CQ, Blackheath




1 x 1 hour 30 minute session


3 x 1 hour sessions



4 x 1 hour sessions

Recovery Programme



This programme is for you if you want to return to exercise, movement and vitality following a hysterectomy, continence / prolapse surgery or a diagnosis of pelvic organ prolapse (POPs).

​How does this programme work?

The programme starts with completion of an in depth pelvic health and core pre-screen to ensure the programme is right for you.


If I feel you will benefit from the programme, you will start a 6 session holistic programme delivered over a 6-8 week period to guide and support you safely in your return to an active life. You’ll learn how to lift and manage pressure in your core for life.

I’ll help you understand the importance of maintaining and improving your bone health, cardiovascular health, gut and bowel health right now as a means of supporting your pelvic health. I’ll guide you to supporting your health deeply with ‘food as medicine’.

This is an evidence based system created by Pelvic Health Expert Jenny Burrell, who herself created this programme following her own hysterectomy journey, and Michelle Lyons, a globally respected Women’s Health Physiotherapist;

The programme includes access to online workouts (your home practice), recipes and advice, as well as your free exercise kit and education booklet.

I may recommend soft tissue / massage therapist to enhance and support your recovery. Adhesions from scar tissue can contribute to core dysfunction and massage can help with this.




6 x 1 hour sessions




6 x 1 hour sessions

plus 1 hour recovery massage

BUMP Programme



Holistic Core Restore® BUMP is specially designed to keep mums-to-be strong, mobile and pain free throughout pregnancy. The programme incorporates pelvic floor and core care and strengthening, as well as plenty of release and strength work that will help to support you throughout your pregnancy, and beyond into the early days of motherhood.

During the sessions, we’ll work together to create a bespoke programme that addresses your individual needs and covers exercise, nutrition and self-care. 

​How does this programme work?

The programme will include:


  • A 90-minute in-depth assessment, food diary review and bespoke exercise programming session during your second trimester


  • Two further 60-minute sessions where we’ll assess progress, address any specific issues, and do further, relevant exercises to support your pregnancy. One of these sessions will usually be during the second trimester and the second will be during the third trimester where we will help to prepare you for the birth with some extra mobilisations.


  • A 90 minute session at the very end of the pregnancy, or in the early weeks after the birth, where we will address recovery, nutrition and self-care as well as getting you reconnected to your core and pelvic floor.


  • A homework programme to be completed in between sessions, including a written programme and video demonstration of your key, bespoke exercises.


  • Ongoing support in between sessions.




4-session programme


If you would prefer more regular sessions we can put together a bespoke programme that addresses your specific needs

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